Smart, Resilient Growth & Development

Let’s build a strong foundation for our city by supporting good development projects that will bring new residents and visitors, provide badly needed housing, bolster local businesses, and grow our tax base.

Sustainability and Climate Action

We must take a proactive approach to tackling our climate, energy, and environmental challenges. Ben will double down on sustainability projects to embrace good stewardship of our resources.

Proactive Focus on Infrastructure

Continued investment in our streets & stormwater assets will help us recover from decades of underfunding. Ben will champion comprehensive, proactive efforts to deliver the core services you expect from your tax dollars.

Parks & Recreation Improvements & Maintenance

Serving on the Parks, Recreation, and Trees Commission, Ben is well acquainted with these treasured community amenities. Now is the time to continue investing in Parks & Recreation to ensure that Mission is fun, healthy, and welcoming to everyone.

Campaign Handout

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