Meet Ben

Nice to meet you! My name is Ben Chociej. My wife, Betsy, and I have lived on West 60th Terrace in Ward 4 for about four years now. We recently added a baby girl to our family and are excited to be raising a family in Mission. We also have two pet rabbits, Timothy Hopper and Hailey.

I am a Kansas City area native. My wife and I both grew up in the Northland of Kansas City, Missouri. After spending a few years in Atlanta and Saint Louis, we moved back to the Kansas City area in 2014. We have lived in Johnson County since 2015. When we decided to become homeowners, we decided to move to Mission because of its beautiful neighborhoods, friendly people, walkable shopping and dining, and fantastic location within the metro area.

Shortly after settling in to Mission, I knew I wanted to get involved in the community. I became engaged in City Council and committee meetings, kept close track of projects and developments in our community, and took advantage of our wonderful parks and trails. In 2019, I joined the city's Parks, Recreation, and Trees Commission in order to give back to our city and help support some of the city's best amenities and features. While serving on the commission, I also became involved in the Mohawk Park Steering Committee and helped develop a strong, exciting plan for that much-loved park.

I am very enthusiastic about serving Mission and helping ensure its continued growth and success. I am passionate about strong, sustainable development patterns that will lay the foundation for the continued vitality and fiscal strength of the city. I strongly support efforts to increase Mission's walkability and bikeability. And I am a staunch advocate for policies, programs, and projects that will help reduce Mission's impact on climate change and the environment.

Current Ward 4 Councilmembers Sollie Flora and Ken Davis have done a fantastic job bolstering transparency and communication efforts with residents of both Ward 4 and the city at large. As a councilmember, I would work diligently to ensure we not only continue their efforts but seek even more ways to effectively communicate with and solicit feedback from our residents. It is one of the most critical responsibilities of any elected official to ensure that constituent voices are heard and community needs are met in a timely and effective way.

My education and professional background is in Computer Engineering and Software Development. I graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering and Mathematics. I am eager use my analytical skills and engineering mindset to help ensure success and efficiency in the operation of our city government and our council's decision-making processes.

I look forward to representing Ward 4 and building a sustainable, strong Mission we can continue to be proud of together!